The small but famous old town of Hoi An is almost every time included on tourists itinerary when visiting Vietnam.  It both perfect for cultural showcase and shopping place. But there is a perfect time to visit Hoi An to fully experience the best of it.

Travel from February to May and/or early June. These times, you’ll get the best weather in Hoi An plus witness locals celebrating their several provincial festivals and their rituals. February is the transition month from winter to spring, making it sunny but not hot in the Central Vietnam. There are only 2 seasons in the Central Vietnam but since it is closer to the Northern part of Vietnam, which is still chilly during the month of February, you’ll also experience almost the same weather in Hoi An.

The Tet Holiday is the biggest and grandest festival in Vietnam and it is usually being celebrated late January and/or early February in accordance with the lunar calendar. Fireworks display is expected to welcome a new year of the lunar calendar. May and June is perfect for summer vacation as it is sunny and relaxing on the beach with a bottle of cheap cold local beer in hand is one thing you should try.

best time visit hoi an - things to do in Hoi An

But if you can’t make during these months, try to arrange your flight and arrive at the town on the 14th or 15th day of a lunar month,  you’ll be able to see a livelier and more charming Hoi An old town its Full Moon Festival (Lantern Festival) and “Old Street Night” exclusively available on that day.

During the rainy season, starting October, the ancient town will become really quite. While it is raining, you can sit on a wooden bench in a small corner of a coffee shop inside the old town and enjoy a warm cup of the world’s famous coffee Viet as you watch the raindrops on the streets and listen to some Vietnamese folk songs.

things to do in Hoi An - best time visit Hoi An

The drizzle adds a different feel during the night. Making the old town more romantic as you watch the red and yellow lanterns lit the streets and the river. No matter when you will be visiting the old town of Hoi An, remember to enjoy the most out of it even if its sunny nor rainy.

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