Cao lầu – Cao Lau Noodle This Hoi An specialty you don’t want to miss. Well, this is actually being served all over Vietnam but there is something special about Cao Lau in Hoi An. This food does not taste the same elsewhere. Other provinces and cities may try to imitate the appearance of the […]

Central Vietnam is famous not only for its wonderful sceneries but also its food. The food is good because they are being prepared by talented and experienced chefs and cooks and also mostly due to the fact that the ingredients are good and freshly from the farm. Tra Que Vegetable Village supplies the whole town […]

Welcome to Hue, the Imperial Capital of Vietnam. Hue does not have big population unlike Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh, with a current population of 287,217. Whichever country you came from, you’ll definitely see our cultural differences. So here’s the guide you can use while traveling in the city, which you can also use in […]

An opportunity to see Hoi An at its best, travel from February to May and/or August to October when Hoi An will transform into a more  beautiful than it is now. The weather during these times is perfect, not rainy and it’s not too sultry. And when you have planned to visit Hoi An, you […]

Hoi An, Quang Nam Province. This place  has the cultural particularities of South Central Vietnam. It has been famous for the ancient town culture tradition in the rustic beauty attracted travelers.  Famous for the ancient town of Hoi An, located on the downstream of Thu Bon river. From Da Nang city to Hoi An is […]

For foodies like me go to places to try out food and sceneries would just an added benefit. Hue is one paradise for people like me. Historically, Hue serves better food that the other cities of Vietnam due to the fact that for centuries, they have been serving food for royals, Nguyen dynasty. The citizen […]

When you are in Da Nang, it may be wise to visit the famous old town of Hoi An. Hoi An is about 30-40 km from Da Nang city. It will take you 30 minutes to an hour depending on the means of transportation. From Da Nang to Hoi An you can either take bike, […]

Cham Pa Museum Champa, an ancient Indochina Kingdom, ruled over couple of centuries after the fall of Han dynasty of China. Central Vietnam became part of this huge and powerful Kingdom. It influences never get lost in the years passed and remnants of this dynasty endured and still practicing their culture. Cham people are the […]

Hue airport transfer by car – by motorbike – by taxi Phu Bai airport operates every day. If you are coming from Hanoi, Vietnam Airline will bring you to Phu Bai Airport. Jetstar is the only airline that offers transfer from Da Lat to Hue. You will have more options if you are coming from […]

Option 1: From Danang to Hue by Bus – Price: 100000 VND – 120000 VND ($4 to $5) Travel Time: Bus Schedule Time of Departure Time of Arrival 09:00 12:30 14:00 17:30   Bus stops once at Lang Co area for break. – Pros: Cheapest way to get from Danang to Hue. Goes through the […]

Hanoi to Hue Option for traveler: Option 1: From Hanoi to Hue by Bus (Direct Bus Ticket or Open Bus Ticket) – Price: 220,000 VND – 260,000 VND ($10-$12) Depending on Bus Company and quality of the bus. New companies usually have the new and comfortable buses you can take from Hanoi to Hue. – […]

Before travelling to any places, it’s very important to know the entrance fees. This will help you calculate easily the cost of the trip you are going to take. Below is an entrance ticket price list for most of famous tourist spots in Vietnam in 2016 as a reference for you. Menu Fees in Hue […]


1. What type/brand of your car ?
Our cars are:
– 4 seats: Chevrolet Cruize, Hyundai Accent, Toyota Vios
– 7 seats: Toyota Innova, Toyota Fortuner
– 16 seats: Ford Transit, Mercedes Benz Sprinter
2. Is this price for all or per person ?
– For Private Car (transport service), this price is per car not per person
– For Package Tour (Private tour), this price is per person.
3. How we can recognize you at the airport ?
Our driver will wait at the airport and hold a welcome board with your name written on it for you to recognize him easily.
4. How will I know my booking has been confirmed ?
When you receive an email stating: Your booking has been confirmed.
To make sure that your booking has been confirmed, we will send you an invoice with an itinerary. Please check itinerary to avoid any inconvenience.
5. How can I pay ?
– Paypal (pay extra 3% for transaction fee)
– Credit card at our office (pay extra 3% for banking fee)
– Cash at our office or to driver
6. Will there be other guests who will join us ?
This is a private service, so only your group will be in this trip. You can invite your friends but maximum of 3 people in 4 seat car, 5 people in 7 seat car and 12 people in 16 seat car.
7. Can your driver speak English ?
Our drivers can speak Basic English communication or better. They have vast experience in dealing with foreigners, they can explain about attractions and help you get the most out of your trip. But they are not tour guides so they have limitation.

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