Da Nang to Hue cityDanang to Hue city, there are many transports to go .I am an Vietnamese person who know a lot of transports here and especially I usually go from Danang to Hue by different vehicles because of my job as a business man. I would like to share my experiences for the tourists who need the recommendation to go from Danang to Hue. Hue and Danang city are not far together, it is just 112km and will spend around 4 to 5 hours by transports. First of all, If you just arrive Danang airport and you want go to Hue directly, you should go by Hue private car from Danang airport to Hue because you can book online for this service and you do not worry whether you have vehicle to go or not. In addition, going by private car they will stop in some places on the way Danang to Hue city for you to travel as Hai Van pass, Lang Co beach,etc. For this , it will spend 4 hours to go to Hue. Secondly, if you would like to try by going train, it will be so interested for you because you will get a new experience to travel from Danang to Hue city.

From Danang airport you can take a taxi to go to the Danang train station and book the ticket then.The train usually start at 6:30pm and 11pm. You can choose which time you can go to Hue by train and it take 3 hours because the train will not stop any place.Thirdly, A lot of Vietnamese people go from Danang to Hue by local bus because it is cheap but I think it will be compicate for the tourists because you have to go to bus stration from Danang airport, then you book the bus there but the local people there can not speak English very well. However, you should book private bus instead because it is service for the toursits and the price is not expensive . In the other hand, the bus will go to Hue directly and will not stop some places for you to travel.

Finally, the adventure transport is motorbike. As you know, motocycle is popular in Vietnam. A lot of young Vietnamese go by motorbike from Danang go to Hue. Moreover, young tourists, they like to be adventure so they book the motorbike riders to go to Hue. When you go by motorbike you can stop everywhere you want to take picture and looking around the landscapes everywhere. It is a bit adventure for the tourists but it will be very fun and you have a chance to sit on the popular vehicle in Vietnam. And, I think the riders have many experiences to work for that so you will not worry about anything.

Danang and Hue city are very close together so it is very easy to go by different transports. The tourists can choose which one they want to go. There are a lot of choices for you to go from Danang to Hue city. Everything is new experience for you and you will have a great time in Vietnam especially Hue by traveling on Vietnamese vehicles

John Steve

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