hue festival 2014Hue Festival 2014 will showcase stunning art performances representing different sub-cultures and ancient capital cities in Vietnam, especially Hue royal court music and Hue folk songs. In addition, exceptional traditonal and contemporary art performances by leading art troupes from 20 countries of the five continents will be staged every night at venues inside the Citadel, An Dinh Palace and outdoor stages in the center of neighboring towns and remote areas within the province. There are also special art performances for disabled people, patients and workers who cannot afford to attend the Festival.

ue Festival 2014 will re-enact unique royal ceremonies together with a wide range of unprecedented and exciting community activities throughout the 9 days of festival with the participation of a large number of artists, actors, actresses and the public. The fringe activities including exhibitions, traditional kite flying, calligraphy, installation art, street music and fine arts, workshops, international trade fairs, tourism fairs, children’s festival with colorful activities aimed at disadvantaged children, sporting activities, dining and sightseeing tours, etc. will fascinate tourists and the public during the whole day long.



A variety of magnificient events will take place throughout 9 days of the festival:

– The artistic program of Grand Opening Ceremony: at 20:00 of April 12th, 2014

– The program “Imperial Night” in the evenings of April 14th and 18th (with royal banquets)

– “Ao dai “ Grand Show: at 20:00 of April 15th and 17th, 2014

– The spectacle: at 20:00 of April 16th, 2014

– “Oriental Night” show on April 13th, 14th, 16th and 18th, 2014

– The socialized events within the framework of Hue Festival for every three days and nights

– Massive street arts performances of art troupes from the countries of the Forum for East Asia and Latin America Cooperation in the afternoons during the days of festival on the streets in the city of Hue, in the surrounding towns and districts within province

– Closing Ceremony: at 20:00 April 20, 2014

Hue Festival 2014 with inspiring and enjoyable experiences awaits travelers from near and far.

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