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Festival & Event in Hue city

Southeast Asian countries are known for its colorful and vibrant cultural celebrations and Vietnam festivals are not ones to miss. There are hundreds of festivals all over the country within a year, wherever you go, there is a big chance you’ll see one or two celebrations within your travels. Major festivals within the country like Tet Festivals highlight the true culture and traditions of Vietnamese. Every province has its own major festival like Hue Festival which allows locals and foreigners to learn more about the history of the province, the major events and ways of the royal family during their reign. Spectacular cultural shows and fireworks are some of the most awaited events of the festivals. Learn all the major and local festivals to carefully plan your trip and experience the best of the places you’ll be visiting.

National Holidays in Vietnam
National Holidays in Vietnam

National Holidays in Vietnam for 2017 Date Day Holiday Description January 1, 2017 Sunday New Year’s Day Even though Vietnam still follows the lunar...

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