Hue is located in the Central of Vietnam. The city is famous for the Imperial city and the majestic royal tombs. Most tourists usually visit the city for a couple of days and enjoy the lifestyle and regional cultural differences between North, South and Central Vietnam.

Being a small city, the lifestyle of people in Hue is like no other. It is a mixture of countryside and city life. People tend to wake up early even when they are in the city to tend their farms and livestock which is just few kilometers away from the city. Locals who work on business establishments and government offices may wake up later than the farmers. Most of the locals are drivers, vendors and business owners so they usually wake up early as well.

Local markets are already crowded as early as 5:00 in the morning. Everyone wants to get ready for their work. Streets get busier from 7:00 am as people make their way to their stores, offices and fields. By 12pm, the streets will be filled again for everyone wants to go back home and have lunch with their family. Few spend time eating alone in this small city. The close family tie is commendable as everyone put effort in spending more time with their family compared to other cities.

Workers usually go back to their offices by 2:00 pm and same goes with the students. They spend the rest of the day outside of their house. Usually, they spend time drinking cold coffee or tea in the late afternoon on the sides of the streets.

The streets will clear out as early as 9:00 in the evening. The city is relatively quiet after 9:00 pm. Locals doesn’t spend much time outside their houses during the night. The locals normally eat dinner with their family, watch television and go to sleep afterwards. Most of the bars are filled with travelers and expats. It’s not very common that locals spend time drinking and having fun late in the evening.

The life in Hue is simple and quiet that is why most of the locals do not want to go and live in big cities because they already have everything here. It is beautiful and less complicated part of Vietnam.

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