1. Marble Mountain.

Marble Mountain has square about 2 km2 which located about 8km southeast on the way from Da Nang to Hoi An.


Marble Mountain is name of 5 mountains: metal (venus), wood (jupiter), earth (saturn), water (mercury) and fire (mars). But passengers just visit Water Mountain, because this one is the largest and only Water Mountain, that has historic and beautiful site to sightsee and explore.

2. A Fairy tale and a fairy land.

There is a legend about Marble Mountain in the period that Quang Nam provice has still belonged to Champa Kingdom. One day, at the land besides the beach, a Goddess appeared to give fisherman an Egg and required him to help her. After he had agreed and received it, she had gone. Suddenly, Kim Quythe golden turtle god also appeared. He dug a hole to keep the egg and then gave the fisherman his nail to prevent the egg from eagles and the demons in the best way. A later time, the egg grew up and hatched a fairy. When knowing that emperor decided to get married with that fairy, Kim Quy brought the fisherman to the skyward.
For egg shell, it was broken into 5 pieces and they formed Marble Mountains like it nowaday. It has remained until now and when anyone ask its name, people called it by “Marble Mountains”


3. More than you can do.

Marble Mountains is a fairy land with a dreamlike scenery, pagodas and grottoes in Hoi An. Besides, clients will amaze in front of pagoda and temple architecture. We can see large Buddha statue, Lady Budha statue inside caves system, which were built since Minh Mang emperor. Not only visit this mountain, but also you can visit and explore the Stone Carving Village under the mountain, the large statue which made by hand, It is a masterpiece. You can buy gifts for your friends or just sightsee.

Don’t be waiting. Let’s explore Marbe Mountain.


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