1.Where is My Son Sanctuary ?

My Son Sanctuary or My Son Holy Land is the capital of Ancient Champa KingdomMy Son is located near the Duy Phu village, Duy Xuyen district, Quang Nam province in the Vietnam Central, 70 km southwest of Da Nang city and approximately 40 km from Hoi An ancient town.


2.Why we have to explore My Son ?

Although My Son have existed for a long time and it was destroyed by war but My Son still keep the whole architecture. And until now, the scientific can’t know how it was built and What that secret is? Through many researches, people made the same bricks and repaired My Son with these bricks. But after a short time, its color was faded and started to grow moss. When they comparison with the bricks in the past, it’s not better. That is so fantastic. Come to My Son Holy Land, you are  not only visit, explore but also watch and enjoy the rite restored by local government.


3.Is there the nexus between Cham of Museum and My Son Holy Land ?

Besides, to protect the antiquities are very difficult and it can be stolen by the thieves, so Cham of Museum was built to protect and show off these antiquities for guests want to see. Like My Son, every day at Cham of Museum, there is the ancient dance and rite performances for clients sightseeing.

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