1. Banh Dap


One interesting snack in Hoi An. What excites people when eating this Hoi An specialty is the smashing of the rice paper part of it. Banh Dap has two layers, the wet and the crispy one which once smashed it will serve as a filling to the wet layer and dip it into a bowl of delicious sweet fermented fish sauce and chili or locally known as mam nem, a kind of fish sauce that can only be made in Cua Dai since it uses its local fish.


2. Banh Mi


Next to pho, banh mi is one of the most famous street food in the entire country of Vietnam that is why Hoi An made extra special that you better try it before leaving the town because you will never find something that would taste close to it outside the city.

3. Xi Ma


This is a black sesame sweet pudding which was based on a Chinese dessert. The locals adjusted the taste to suit Vietnamese palate and usually serve to kids but not bad for adults either. This is one of the best desserts you’ll ever have in the country.

4. Hen Xuc Banh Trang


It is a special clam dish that is usually being served in Central of Vietnam. The clams are boiled and flesh will be separated from the shell and then fried with herbs, spring onions, chili, ginger and peanuts. Eat with caution as not all foreigners can take this dish without getting stomach problem.

5. Banh Can Trung


A common afternoon snack in Hoi An. It is small fried turmeric rice flour pancake with egg in the middle and usually being served with pork sausage, grated papaya and Vietnamese herbs and fish sauce.

6. Nem Nuong


If you miss your barbeque back home, try this Hoi An special. Ground pork in a skewer and grilled. It looks like a little similar to nem lui from Hue but it is a little smaller and just a simple bamboo still is being used as its skewer instead of lemon grass.


7. Banh Beo


It is a common dish in the Central of Vietnam but there are different versions of it in every city. In Hoi An for example is a little sweeter than the banh beo found in Hue. Ingredients are also adjusted to the palate of the people from Hoi An.

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