There are hundreds of stalls selling almost everything from clothing, house-ware items to souvenirs and all at reasonable prices in Hue. You will also find all kinds of local foods, fruits and Vietnamese wines.

– Hue Conical Hat – Vietnamese Traditional Hat

You may find the Vietnamese Traditional hat anywhere within the country but there is something special with the ones that were made in Hue. Several hat makers will make the conical hats more attractive to both locals and foreigners so they add paintings, poems and other things to make it look better. The hat makers in Hue have been doing something really unique with their creation. They insert poems into the weaves and the poem can only be seen when the hat is held up to the sunlight, making it even more special.


– Chewy Sesame Bars

As you may noticed, there are several parts of the country who sell this special goodie but still Hue would have a better version of it. The province is known for its delicious version of national food and its local food. They always make it to the point that they also have good food and snacks including chewy sesame bars. The bars are not that sweet and/or bland that will make both kids and adults enjoy it.


– Shrimp Paste

It is common condiment in most Southeast Asian countries like Vietnam. It has strong smell that usually wards off foreigners. There are several versions of this fermented shrimp in Vietnam, there are sun-dried, fist-sized rectangular blocks or the shrimp paste which is wet and they put in jar. The shrimp paste in Hue is famous as the culinary in the province is superior to the other provinces. Locals always try to get some jars of shrimp paste for souvenirs whenever they have a chance.


– Fish Sauce

Almost all of Vietnamese dishes use this. Either for dipping or mixed with the dishes, fish sauce is always needed. Since Hue is famous for its delicious dishes, people are seeking condiments being used in the province to make their dishes taste better. Fish Sauce in Hue is also relatively cheaper in this part of Vietnam because they are much closer to lakes and seas.


– Cajuput oil

Majority of this oil is being produced in the island of Sulawesi in Indonesia but some are also found in the province of Hue. It is frequently used for external illness like skin irritation and for liniments to soothe sore muscles. Normally the oil is being used in massaging pregnant women and young babies. It is also used as an ingredient in inhalants/decongestants and topical pain/inflammation remedies.


– Nem Chua

This is usually served as an appetizer or a side dish. In the imperial city of Hue, it has a very distinct taste compared to other Nem Chua all over the country which makes it special and locals normally try to buy bulk of this Nem Chua. It is raw so it is not easily get spoiled and can bring back even after long time on the road or plane.

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