After spending 4 days in Hue city, our group including 4 people decided to move to Da Nang province as the next destination on the trip in Viet Nam. In the last day in Hue city, we took a lot of time to find out the best way to transport from Hue to DaNang.

We did a lot of reaches for price, time of depart and stop places on the way to Da Nang. Finally, Hue to DaNang by private car is the final decision for the trip. We had many options with this service but we chose the most expensive way because we really wanted to see many additional destinations with the introduction of tour-guide. Truly, we didn’t feel regretful about this choice.

– Preparation for the trip

As our program, we departed at 7am so we had to prepare everything for the next trip including a big camera to take memorial photos as much as possible. We woke up early and enjoyed the big breakfast.

Hue Private car picked up us in time. A friendly driver and tour-guide welcomed us and invited us to the car. They were really professional.

– At the first destination from Hue to Danang 

We arrived at Lang Co beach with Tam Giang. That’s the most beautiful beach in Thua Thien Hue province. This is the place we couldn’t miss on the route to Da Nang.

The distance from Hue to Lang Co beach is 70 km. From many reviews of many tourists say this is the most beautiful beach in a center of Viet Nam. We came here first because this beach was located in the middle of three centers of World’s Culture Heritage Conservation: Hue Citadel, Hoi An Ancient Town and My Son Sanctuary with a radius of 70km. What a perfect location.


When we came to Lang Co beach, we couldn’t control ourselves in front of a beautiful beach in front of our eyes. We decided to swim on Chan May swimming area because it wasn’t far away from the 1A National Highway (about 3km). However, we had to notice about the safety because there weren’t hazardous warning systems as well as lifeguards. We took a short time to enjoy the sea feeling and continued the trip.

Actually, we were really hungry after swimming time. All of us followed the introduction of our driver to have lunch in a famous local restaurant called “Be Den”. Of course, we ordered seafood for the lunch. From devices of driver, we ate grilled lobsters, steamed cuttlefishes and fried tamarind crabs. After enjoying the lunch, we really made a right decision. The foods tasted very fresh and delicious. Moreover, we could observe Lap An Lagoon. What a miraculous view!


– On the highest place in Hai Van Pass

hue to Da Nang by car - hai van pass

After going through winding roads, we finally got to the highest place of Hai Van Pass. This place is natural border to separate into Hue province and Da Nang province.

We stayed in a while to take pictures in the American bunkers and Vong Hai Dai from Minh Mang Emperor of Nguyen Dynasty. In the last road of Hai Van Pass, we saw many natural taps which water were led from the top of mountain to the bottom. Water was very cool and fresh. Some my friends drunk this water, and the driver washed his car by this water. We took the last photo of the pass and carried on the trip.

– Amazing Marble Mountain

Marble Mountains Vietnam - Hue to Danang by car

Finally, we went into Da Nang province frontier. Our next stop for us is Marble Mountain. It wasn’t beyond our expectations about this place. We were really excited with spectacular sightseeing of Marble Mountain. This place is very special because it’s located in unique site with five smaller mountains which were related to oriental philosophy including five elements such as “Mental – Wood – Water – Fire – Earth” – This principle plays an important role in life of most of Asians. Da Nang city center is not far away from here, it’s just about 8km to the south. As my opinion, this is the most outstanding tourism site in Da Nang City.

tam thai pagoda - Hue to Danang

After climbing 156 stoned-steps, we came to Tam Thai pagoda in Thuy Son Mountain. According to information from tour-guide, it was rebuilt from 1930 because many original structures of pagoda were destroyed. From story of tour guide, Minh Mang King ordered to build this pagoda in 1827. There was a prince of Minh Mang Emperor stayed here to convert himself. That’s reason why this pagoda is very holy especially it’s too crowed in some Buddhism festival days.

We saw a Happy Buddha Statue and Lady Buddha in worshiping palace. As usual, we took a group photo. From ridiculous explanations of tour-guide, we really couldn’t control our continuous laughs.

hell cave - Hue to Danang


Next, we went on visiting another site in Marble Mountain. It’s “Cave of Hell”. Because Vietnamese believe in another life after the death, and this life was divided into 2 worlds for good people and bad people so that this cave was separated into 2 smaller paths for heaven and hell. When we went inside this cave, we saw a lot of statues restoring many penalties for evil people. These were pretty haunted to our mind but it was nice experience.

Huyen-Khong-cave - Hue to Danang

Coming up next, Huyen Khong Cave is the most beautiful, magical and splendid of Marble Mountain. It has a huge spiritual valuable. Huyen Khong Cave is an opencast cave, round arches and flat floor. The roof has 5 ventilation holes connected to outside. The atmosphere and light from outside create a mysterious feeling to the cave. From inside the cave, we could imagine many unusual shapes such as the old man’s face, crane, camel or elephant, etc.

vong hai dai - Hue to Danang

Our group stopped in Vong Hai Dai to have a general view of Marble Mountain as well as Truong Giang River. From this place, we were able to see the final destination “Da Nang City”.

– Cham Museum In Da Nang City Center

Finally, we arrived at Da Nang City after an interesting trip. Before our driver dropped us off at hotel, we still had enough time to visit the last destination “Cham Museum” on our program. This place is a pride of the city so that we couldn’t miss this opportunity to see everything inside.

Cham Museum - Hue to Danang by car

The architecture of this museum is very strange and unique. It was formed from 100 years ago so that it contained a huge historic value in the late of 19th century. We were really impressive with the traditional French influence because this museum still kept original design after many years.

Nowadays, we could observe nearly 2000 exhibits. Most of the sculptures are the original works on 3 main materials is sandstone, terracotta and copper dated from the seventh century to the fifteenth century of different artistic styles. On the museum’s campus, many of ancient stones with scattered arrangement created a harmony feeling with the airy and fresh space.

Inside the museum’s building. They display nearly 500 objects and divide into galleries: My Son, Tra Kieu, Dong Duong, MAN and corridors of Quang Tri, Quang Nam, Quang Ngai, Kon Tum, Quang Binh and Binh Dinh. More than 1,200 remaining artifacts are kept carefully in stock.

We were appreciated the high skill of many artists in this time. However, we still felt pretty regretful for the lost of this empire.

– Say goodbye to driver and tour-guide

We had an amazing trip on that day but nothing lasts forever. We said goodbye to our driver and tour-guide. They were really hard-working in all time of the trip. We really appreciated the enthusiasm of them so that we did have any reasons to hesitate to tips them. Thanks for the trip.


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