Listed in the program of many DMZ tours, which help tourists learn more about Vietnam war and the spirit of Vietnamese people at war time, Khe Sanh combat base is one of the most famous and attractive destinations for tourists all over the world when coming to Vietnam.

Our memorable trip to Khe Sanh combat base

Last month, we had a chance to join Hue DMZ tour from a travel company in Hue city. We had a really interesting tour with many historical sites such as La Vang holy, Hien Luong bridge, Ben Hai river, Khe Sanh combat base, Rock pile hill and Vinh Moc tunnels. Among them, Khe Sanh combat base was the place we found the most impressive.

After visiting La Vang holy, following the Highway 9, we arrived in Khe Sanh. Khe Sanh is a village located near the Laotian border and just south of the Demilitarized Zone (DMZ) that separated North and South Vietnam. It is a concave valley surrounded by mountains, on a plateau at an altitude of 800m, about 60ha wide.  As early as 1962, the U.S. Military Command–Vietnam (MACV) established an Army Special Forces camp near the village. The Americans wanted a military presence there to block the infiltration of enemy forces from Laos, to provide a base for launching patrols into Laos to monitor the Ho Chi Minh Trail, and to serve as a western anchor for defense along the DMZ.  The 1968 Battle of Khe Sanh was the longest, deadliest and most controversial of the Vietnam War, pitting the U.S. Marines and their allies against the North Vietnamese Army.

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( Khe Sanh combat in Viet Nam war – you will visit this place in Hue DMZ tour )

Khe Sanh is located in a valley of red land, about 400m above sea level, four surface is rolling hills. This is one of three “magic eyes” (Khe Sanh, Lang Vay and Ta Con) of electronic fences McNamara. At Khe Sanh, many huge battles took out such as Route 9 – Khe Sanh campaign  in 1968, the campaign Route 9 – Southern Laos in 1971. .

Ta Con airport is a name to call a strategic military outpost of the US military  in the years 1966 – 1968, is an important link of the group Khe Sanh base. Ta Con airport kept many sections of victory in 1968: exhibitor, trenches, tunnels commander, barbed wire, runway, aircraft, artillery, tanks and many other infrastructure items. Now, when you come to Ta Con, you will see many real items from the war which will help you imagine how fierce the battle was. Today, the site is occupied by a small museum, which contains some fascinating old photographs, plus a few reconstructed bunkers and American aircraft. Most of the area is now planted with coffee, and vendors offer high-grade local Arabica beans for sale at the entrance. After visiting Khe Sanh, we continue to visit Ben Hai, Hien Luong and Vinh Moc tunnels. All of them made our trip become memorable.

If you have a chance to travel to Vietnam and want to discover more about the history as well as historical sites, do not forget to book DMZ tour from Hue and of course do not miss Khe Sanh.


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