Cao lầu – Cao Lau Noodle

This Hoi An specialty you don’t want to miss. Well, this is actually being served all over Vietnam but there is something special about Cao Lau in Hoi An. This food does not taste the same elsewhere. Other provinces and cities may try to imitate the appearance of the food but never the taste of it. This is because of the water used in preparing and cooking the dish. The water is drawn from Ba Le well which is dug by the Cham people hundreds of years ago. The water gives different taste and texture to the noodle.

cao lau mi hoi an - Da Nang to Hoi An

Mì Quảng – Quang Noodle

This a popular dish in Hoi An and Quang Nam. It’s not just another rice noodle dish. This dish is also mixed with shrimps, pork and fresh vegetables and topped with grilled rice paper and sweet and spicy sauce.

Mi Quang - Da Nang to Hoi An


Cơm Gà – Chicken Rice

Just because it sounds familiar does not mean it will taste the same. There are foods that are served all over Vietnam but they tastes differently. Since you are in Central Vietnam, you’re probably here to see beautiful sceneries and most likely to try their food. Chicken Rice is has many variations within Vietnam and Hoi An serves one of the best. Because unlike other cities, Hoi An uses the chicken raised in the countryside instead of poultry. It is also different for it is a little spicy compared to the sweet flavor of the South and salty flavor of North.

com ga hoi an - da nang to hoi an.jpg

Bánh hoa hồng trắng – White Rose Cake

Another masterpiece of Hoi An. The town does not only serve good and delicious food, they also aced the presentation part. White Rose Cake is a proof of that. The French named this dish white rose for this shrimp dumpling is made from translucent white dough and arranged to look like a rose. Since the dumplings are just bit sizes, you’ll get around 15 pieces on a plate topped with toasted garlic and served with sweet dipping sauce.

banh hoa hong trang - da nang to hoi an


Hoành Thánh – Wanton

This is originally from China. This has been introduced by Chinese traders a long time ago when Hoi An still serves as one of the common trading port in Southeast Asia. In time, locals revised it to suit their taste. Though most of the ingredients are the same with the normal Chinese wanton, the taste is never the same. Enjoy it fried or steamed.

hoanh thanh hoi an - da nang to hoi an


Bánh Mì – Bread

You’ve probably tried this before since it is on almost all corners of Vietnam. Wherever you go, you’ll see banh mi vendors on the streets. But then again, Hoi An wants to make better ones so people will go to this small town instead of just staying in the big cities.

Your simple breakfast bread will never be the same in Hoi An. Stuffed with pate, fresh vegetables and grilled pork. This will definitely fill and energize you for the long day of sightseeing.

banh mi hoi an - da nang to hoi an

Thịt Xiên Nướng – Grilled Pork on Skewer

Meat lover? You should definitely try this delectable street food of Hoi An. Preparing this amazing food may seem easy but takes a lot of time to get the sweet to spicy flavor that local from the Central of Vietnam love. Pork is soaked in spices for a couple of minutes to hours and served upon grilling.

thit xien nuong - da nang to hoi an


Bánh đập (Rice Cracker)

A local food of Hoi An where in you have to crush the crispy rice paper into a wet rice paper. The crispy rice paper serves as the filling and you can dip it in a bowl of special fish sauce with chili.

banh dap hoi an - da nang to hoi an


Chè Mè đen – Black Sesame Sweet Soup

A famous Chinese dessert adapted and revised to suit Vietnamese taste buds. These are commonly sold in the streets and public market. This is a local refreshment which you can enjoy after a long walk or staying under the sun for a couple of hours.

che me den - da nang to hoi an
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