1. Cooking Class

Enrolling to cooking classes in Vietnam is very popular that almost all tourists do this for at least a day or even longer if they have enough time to travel around the country. Discovering cuisines of different is one of the many reasons why people enroll to cooking classes. In Hoi An, the small town offers cooking classes a little different from the other cooking classes all over Vietnam.

things to do in Hoi An - cooking class - hue to hoi an

While other cities offer to teach the usual Vietnamese traditional meal same as Hoi An, the process in Hoi An makes it different because classes start from gathering the ingredients from the farm itself rather than just buying them from the market or most of the time, ingredients are already prepared to be cooked. In Hoi An, students of cooking classes will have the opportunity to learn how to harvest the vegetables, getting only the best ingredients for the traditional dishes, it’s literally starting from the basics. Something you’ll be proud of when you get back to your country and prepare authentic Asian cuisines to your family and friends.

2. Hoi An Blind Massage

Blind massage is quite common in Asia in general. People may view it as normal massage as the blind masseurs do the same thing as what usual masseurs do. But one thing about getting blind masseurs is that giving them chances to properly provide for their family and not just wait for the government’s and/or non-government organization’s help. Mind you, there are several blind masseurs whose services are worth the $5 you’ll be paying.

things to do in Hoi An - hue to hoi an - blind massage

3. Hoi An Silk Village

The Hoi An Silk Village is not far from the ancient town itself. Take this opportunity to have a small visit on the place that makes the one important product that Hoi An became famous for, silk garments. In this village, you will be able to visit the silkworm breeding area, where you can learn the life cycle of silkworms and even try to feed them. Witness the process of gathering silk and weaving it to transform into textiles.

things to do in hoi an - hue to hoi an - silk village

4. Carpentry Village

Kim Bong has been long known for its wonderful work of arts, from the prominent royal palaces and tombs, furniture to ships and the usual household materials. For years, the artisans have been grouped into three depending on their specialty; ancient architectural construction, civil wooden furniture and shipbuilding.

things to do in hoi an - hue to hoi an - kim bong carpentry

Centuries of talent and skills has been making the small village popular all over Vietnam and their works have been exported to several countries and help the village economy to grow and continue their culture.

5. My Son Sanctuary

Visit the spiritual capital of the Champa Kingdom. The Hindu temples were built during the 4th to 14th century by the Champa Kings. Most of it was left to ruins after several wars between the Khmer, local Vietnamese from the North and US – Vietnamese but several buildings are still standing and the Cham still consider it as their sanctuary so religious rituals are still being done in the area.

hue to hoi an - things to do in hoi an - my son sanctuary

7. Tra Que Village

Tra Que is popular as the vegetable village because it supplies the whole town and even neighboring provinces fresh and nutritious vegetables. A visit to this village is definitely worth it for aside from learning how tend vegetables and other plants, you’ll get to experience how to plant and harvest these vegetables while having conversations with the hardworking and happy local farmers. Who knows, maybe you’ll appreciate your meals on the table later on and don’t want them to go to ways for you have seen and experienced all the hard work to be done just to get them your plate.

hue to hoi an - da nang to hoi an -tra qua village

8. Pottery Village

Thanh Ha Village has been creating ceramics that has been traded to other countries for centuries during the bloom of Hoi An trading days. The village is preserving its culture and keeping this very profession for its people won’t forget their ancestors and continuously grow their economy. Several craftsmen are teaching their young children how to get the clay and form it to a beautiful masterpiece. Tourists can experience this too when they visit the village.

9. Diving at Cham Island

As a part of UNESCO Biosphere Reserve, Cham Island is one place to visit when in Hoi An.

The island has good places to go diving and/or snorkeling as it has several beautiful coral reefs and beautiful fishes. Sunset in the island is something you should not miss either.

hue to hoi an - da nang to hoi an - cham island

10. Hoi An Food Tour

The best thing to appreciate a place Hoi An is by trying out all the street and local food. There are several food here that you can find in several cities but taste a lot better in Hoi An and of course food that are Hoi An’s specialties that no one can replicate as the ingredients can only be found in the small town. Enjoy the affordable and delicious treats of this ancient town.

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